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Analysis of the demand for plastic house ware in Malawi and the neighbouring countries combined with research into plastic injection, moulding technology led to the creation of Arkay Plastics Industry in Malawi. We were incorporated in 1997, and began production with only four injection moulding machines and a staff of 30.We began by processing a ton of material per day. Our first range of products a container set, shopping basket and two large basins were an innovation and took the market by storm.

Aggressive marketing and continuous investment into machinery led to our growth in Malawi. Our policy of maintaining high quality standards and dynamism in operations has led to increased demand of our products in neighbouring countries.

By the new millennium, we had more than 25 machines and over 100 different products catering to a wide range of consumers. Investment was also made into a new factory and with this our foray into much larger machinery and plant to manufacture chairs and large drums. Demand for our brand has led to the establishment of factories in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Today we employ more than 1,000 people directly in 3 countries, and process more than 10,000 tons of material per annum.


After extensive research into plastic production processes and technology, we commissioned our project for manufacturing plastic housewares in Chirimba Industrial Estate, Blantyre. We began production in June 1997, with 4 injection moulding machines and 6 products. By the year 2001, we had 25 machines and 120 products. Our policy was to continue investment in machinery and moulds in order to reap the maximum benefits from economies of scale. The re-investment into state-of the art equipment and mould also ensured that our products were of the highest quality. In the year 2000 we installed our first 1000 ton machine, at our new premises of in Kristwick, Blantyre. In view of the growing local and export demand, in 2005 we commissioned our 2nd 1000 ton Machine to double our capacity to manufacture large items. Our monthly production capacity has increased from around 30 metric tons of plastic raw materials in 1997 to about 400 metric tons per month in 2010.


Shifting our focus to distributing our products through our own outlets, has helped us to get our products out to all parts of the country. We currently have 18 Shops throughout Malawi. The information and feedback from our network, enables us to invest in the appropriate products to suit the consumers needs. We have also maintained supplies to a selection of wholesalers and retailers. Our major customers are local chain stores such as Peoples McConnell and Chipiku. We also supply to south-african chain stores such as PEP stores and Shoprite. We are also supplying NGO's such as Unicef, World food Programme and World Vision. We have our own fleet of 7 trucks from 3ton to 10 ton capacity. We deliver our own goods to all of our shops and other customers. Our company firmly believes in its role toward social responsibility. In this regard we have been sponsoring the Southern Region Football League of Malawi since 2008. This year we have started to sponsor the Malawi Secondary Schools Science competition. We are also regularly donating in Cash and kind to various non-profit organisations and Orphanage's throughout the country.


It has been one of our priorities to export since we began production. We are currently exporting to a range of countries in the region including: Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa. We have seen a steady growth in our exports over the last few years. The recent rise of our exports can be attributed to the fact that our products are competitive in both quality and price compared to other manufacturers in the Southern African region and beyond. As we have probably one of the largest range of plastic household products and furniture in this region our Export volumes have more than trebled in the last 2 years alone. We have built up our own fleet of 40ft trucks from 1 in 2005 to 7 in 2010. In view of the increasing demand for our products we have been investing into building our logistical capacity to deliver the goods directly to the customer in their country. We are confident that our combination of high-quality products made from virgin materials, together with competitive pricing will enable us to increase our exports to considerably in the near future.


Our mission to deliver good quality and affordable house ware drives us to manufacture products that are both necessary by nature, and also have ergonomic design attributes. This has resulted in a diverse range of Arkay products for every segment of the home market.

Arkay Plastics has been synonymous with pioneering products. We have been the first to produce the following items in this region:

HOUSE WARE – Baskets, Thermos Flask Plastic chairs, Tables, Laundry Baskets, Kiddies chair and Drums

INDUSTRIAL – Light weight bottle crates Bread crates, Compression moulded closures PET Packaging–5ltr PET bottle, '1881'type Pre-forms

Without efficient and speedy distribution, products cannot be sent to the market. Hence our investment in to our own fleet of delivery vehicles.

From a 25,000sq.ft. Premises in 1997, we have now a combined built up area of more than 140,000sq.ft between our four factories in three countries. Our factory management team are not only well experienced, but trained regularly to keep up to date with the new developments and technologies in their field. When required we send particular staff to South Africa and even to the Far East to hone their skills.

Recognition of our efforts has led to qualification and approved supplier status to international companies such as Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Unilever and SabMiller to name a few.



We intend to provide a complete packaging service to the bottling, food and beverage industry in Malawi and the region by offering the best range of PET Pre-forms, Bottles, Bottle caps, and Jars. Our extended production facilities in Makata are well placed to cater for this expected growth.

This part of our business will require re-investment into additional machinery and moulds in order to keep up with demand.

For the House ware and furniture segment, we will be focusing on increasing our logistical capacity to cater for the export demand in both Malawi and Mozambique

We also intend to start manufacturing in a different country to cater for the growing demand of our products and export into another part of Africa.


As a company we would like to achieve growth in sales and profitability through a combination of organisational flexibility and humane management practices for the benefit of all.

We intend to effectively service our customer's requirements with a competitively priced and quality product.

Furthermore, the management will continue its efforts to identify and implement viable investment opportunities within the region to further strengthen the company.

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