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  • Analysis of the demand for plastic house ware in Malawi and neighbouring countries combined with research into plastic injection moulding technology led to the creation of Arkay Plastics Industry in Malawi.
  • We were incorporated in 1997, and began production with only four injection moulding machines and a staff of 30. We began by processing a ton of material per day.
  • Our first range of products – a container set, shopping basket and two large basins were an innovation and took the market by storm.
  • Aggressive marketing and continuous investment into machinery led to our growth in Malawi. Our policy of maintaining high quality standards and dynamism in operations has led to increased demand of our products in neighbouring countries.
  • By the new millennium, we had several machines and a wide variety of products catering to a diverse range of consumers.
  • Investment was also made into a new factory and with this our foray into much larger machinery and plant to manufacture chairs and large drums.
  • Demand for our brand has led to the establishment of factories in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
  • Today we employ more than 1,000 people directly in 4 countries, and process more than 10,000 tons of material per annum.


Our Mission

  • To be the most recognizable brand of Quality Plastic Houseware, Pet Packaging and Crates in SADC Region.

Our Values

  • Discipline
  • Tenacity
  • Teamwork
  • Attitude
  • Strategy

A Competet Advance

  • Arkay Plastics has been synonymous with pioneering products such as those shown below.
  • We have invested heavily into our own fleet of delivery vehicles for efficient and speedy distribution of our products.
  • When required we send particular staff to South Africa and even to the Far East to hone their skills so as to keep up to date with new development in their fields.
  • Recognition of our efforts has led to qualification and approved supplier status to international companies such as Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Unilever and SabMiller to name a few.

Our Timeline

  • 1997 – Started Arkay Plastics Ltd in Blantyre, Malawi
  • 2005 - Started Arkay Plastics Ltd in Maputo, Mozambique
  • 2008 - Started PET plant at Makata, Blantyre
  • 2011 - Started Arkay Plastics Zimbabwe Ltd
  • 2013 - Started Arkay Plastics Zambia Ltd

Machinery & Plant

  • As injection moulding machines have developed, they have become faster and use less energy.
  • PET injection and stretch blow moulding is now focused more on the end user thus bringing in cleaner working environments.
  • To keep up with the developments we have had to invest in new machinery and plant.
  • Arkay has always invested in new machinery and plant as we believe that efficiency can reduce operating costs.

Strategy To Ensure Progress

  • Our strategy of innovation.
  • The expansion of our own retail outlets.
  • Keeping quality synonymous with our brand.
  • We offer our products at affordable prices.
  • Prodigious efforts by our sales and marketing team.
  • Constant interaction with existing customers.
  • The ability to develop products catering to our customers.
  • We can cater for specific packing and colour needs.
  • Our vehicles are constantly maintained and ready to deliver.
  • We provide more than just a product; We provide ‘a service’.

Marketing & Distribution

  • We have a network of over 25 outlets in Malawi and Mozambique.
  • We have built solid relationships with chain stores in Malawi such as Peoples Group and Chipiku stores.
  • South African giants PEP stores, Shoprite and GAME stores also stock our products in the region.
  • Sound business ethics have led to our relationships with international organisations such as UNICEF, WFP, various NGO’s and donor organisations flourish.
  • Our fleet of vehicles are purposely maintained to service small and large customers, and hence we have vans, trucks and even 40ft long hi-cube containerised rigs.
  • Local communities in various parts of Mozambique and Malawi also benefit from our sponsorship of various sporting events.
  • Regular donations are also made by Arkay to various non-profit organisations set up to assist the less fortunate and also to orphanages.

International Marketing

  • From Malawi we export to Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. From Mozambique we also export to Malawi and Zimbabwe.
  • We have seen a steady growth in our exports over the last few years. Our Export volumes that have more than doubled in the last 2 years alone.
  • In view of the increasing demand for our products we have been investing into building our logistical capacity to deliver the goods directly to the customer.
  • In 2012 we exported 250 by 40ft containers worth of Plastic houseware, furniture and PET products throughout the region.
  • We are confident that our combination of high-quality products made from virgin materials, together with competitive pricing will enable us to increase our exports considerably in the near future.

Industrial Products Development

  • In 2005 consultation with Carlsberg encouraged us to invest into machinery and plant to manufacture crates.
  • Demand from paint manufacturers also led to investment into paint bucket making machinery.
  • Since 2006 we have also been supplying plastic crates for Coca-Cola products.
  • Carlsberg Malawi entered into a contract earlier this year to manufacture and supply crates for their new 640ml bottles.
  • Our experience in crates manufacturing technology has led to developments with customers in other countries, and now we manufacture crates also in Mozambique
  • Chibuku is now distributed in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia with Arkay Plastics crates.
  • Coca Cola in Maputo gave us a contract in 2012 to manufacture 100,000 crates.
    This year all their crate requirements are going to produced entirely by Arkay Plastics.
  • Cervejas De Mozambique has issued PO’s to Arkay to manufacture and supply crates.
  • We expect the demand for crates to grow significantly within the region and have positioned ourselves to take advantage of our experience in this segment.

Water Is the Liquid of Life

  • In 2008 we ventured in to the manufacturing of PET pre-forms and Bottles.
  • Significant research was carried out into this market segment, which led to our investment into ‘state-of-the-art’ machinery.
  • Operations began with 5 sizes of preforms, and 6 different designs of bottles for packing water.
  • The history of our journey in plastics is repeating itself as we continue to invest in this exciting technology.
  • You can now find products made by Unilever, Rab Processors, Lyons, Dairibord, Coca Cola and many other companies packed in PET  containers made by Arkay.
  • From water bottles, to oil, juice and soft drinks. From cashew nuts, salad cream to peanut butter. Arkay bottles and jars are seen on the shelves of many a store and supermarket.
  • Certification by Coke and relentless pursuit of quality standards has seen Arkay overtake well established companies within the region.    



  • We installed 4 new Haitian machines including a big 700 tonne machine.
  • We introduced new products like
    • New Light weight Cocacola crate
    • New laundry basket
    • Eco Chair
    • 100 ltr Jet Basin
    • Range of drums from 45 ltr to 75 ltrs
    • New moulds in PET 23gm jar mould and 46 gm bottle preform mould
  • We rebranded the HO and shops in corporate colours.
  • We successfully passed Cocacola SGP audit.
  • We signed a contract with UNDP for supply of water filters worth $520000.


  • 2006 saw the incorporation of Arkay Plastics Mozambique Lda. We began with one outlet, and within 24 months we had opened 7 of our own distribution outlets throughout Mozambique. Today we have 13 outlets.
  • As projected demand grew, our dream of manufacturing in another country became a reality in 2008. We started with 5 machines and a range of 20 products. By 2009 we commissioned a brand new state-of the art 900 ton machine that would be capable of producing larger plastic items including chairs.
  • Focus on the long term meant that needed bigger premises, and hence we invested in our own property which we have since expanded.
  • Continuous investment in machinery over the years has meant that we now posses the machinery and plant to process more than 3,000 tons of plastic raw materials per annum.
  • Increased production is clearly reflected by significant sales growth from 2011 to 2012.
  • Export from Mozambique is now regular to Malawi and Zimbabwe. We are also looking at exporting to new markets this year.
  • House ware production is now complemented by industrial crates, and PET bottles and Jars.


  • Arkay Plastics Zambia registered on 30th April 2013.
  • It is the first Arkay factory which started building from the ground as per our planning and requirements.
  • The Arkay Factory was designed and construction is underway by a well known team of architects, various consultants and contractors. As per planning it will be ready by end December 2014.
  • Arkay Plastics Zambia has received 7nos. of Injection moulding machines with latest technology and moulds in June/July 2014.
  • Started producing around 80 to 90tons as per month with the range of 120ton to 470 tons machines.
  • There is a good response from our distributer company and they have started selling our goods and getting good response from the market.
  • Planning to move in our own factory building from second week of January.



  • Arkay Plastics Zambia has started production in rented premises from 24th July 2014.
  • Started quality and colorful production as per requirements of the customers by using various colored masterbatch like Blue, green, orange, silver, yellow, pink, black etc. with good efficiency.
  • We have started and introduce new type of quality 5ltr to 20ltr buckets, different types with capacity of basins like divine basin, supreme basin, rocky basin with 12ltr to 38ltr capacity with different type of lunch boxes and food storage containers.
  • We are buying 1000ton machine which will start production of Chairs, drums and big items from February 2015.
  • With 1000ton machine, our production will go up to 155 to 160tons from February 2014.
  • Looking forward to rapid growth in 2015.


  • We started a bottle blowing Production Plant in Harare in June 2011. By manufacturing the preforms and closures in Malawi, we take advantage of the economies of scale to export these semi-finished products to Harare.
  • Arkay Zimbabwe uses high speed technology to blow Bottles into various shapes and sizes as required in the Zimbabwean Market.
  • There is a growing market for Plastic Bottles as is evidenced by our exports of preforms and closure to Zimbabwe. In view of this demand we have installed additional capacity.
  • Our Monthly turnover has been growing steadily, and we hope to achieve a sales turnover of over US$3.5M in 2014.
  • Our policy of providing high quality PET packaging at competitive pricing, as well as being reliable has seen us increase our market share gradually.
  • Even companies that were importing their requirements from South Africa now buy from us.
  • Commitment to long term has seen us winning contracts form Lyons, Dairibord and other well established companies in Zimbabwe.



Against all odds of liquid economy and absence of enough raw materials we have managed to achieve below:

  • Total reported sales of $2,859,623.41 in comparison to 2013 ($2,511,727), we have reported a growth of 13.85%.
  • However if we compare the volume wise sales in 2014 we achieved to sell 22,822,392 blown bottles in total. While in 2013 it was only 13,511,433 blown bottles i.e. we reported a growth of 68.9%.
  • We managed to expand our market share with additional 69% in compare to 2013.
  • Achievement of such market share was possible due to installation of new automated blow moulding machine during early 2014.
  • New Products – we are eagerly waiting to launch new wider neck 2 litre bottles  in market by March. With this new product we are hopeful to capture oil segment market.
  • We are also in process of convincing our directors for making a new investment in auto machine machinery by mid-2015.  

Future Plans

  • Diversification & Expansion
  • We intend to provide a complete packaging service to the bottling, food and beverage industry in Malawi and the region by offering the best range of PET Pre-forms, Bottles, Bottle caps, and Jars. Our extended production facilities in Makata are well placed to cater for this expected growth.
  • This part of our business will require re-investment into additional machinery and moulds in order to keep up with demand.
  • For the Houseware and furniture segment, we will be focusing on increasing our logistical capacity to cater for the export demand in both Malawi and Mozambique.
  • We also intend to start a manufacturing in Zambia to cater for the growing demand of our products and export into another part of Africa.
  • Company Vision
  • As a company we would like to achieve growth in sales and profitability through a combination of organisational flexibility and humane management practices for the benefit of all.
  • We intend to effectively service our customers requirements with a competitively priced and quality product.

Furthermore, the management will continue its efforts to identify and implement viable investment opportunities within the region to further strengthen the company.

Nationwide Outlets


    Physical Address

    Moir crescent road next to Tambala foods

    Cell: (+268) 0 212 952 074

  • LIMBE 2

    Physical Address

    Near old bus depot, next to jussab shop

    Cell: (+265) 0 212 951 342


    Physical Address

    Bakili Highway, opposite Zimbo General Suppliers, Next to NICE

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 957 142


    Physical Address

    Opposite Shoprite U-Save, next to LAMBAT shop

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 951 344


International Presence