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About Arkay Plastics Industries Ltd

Analysis of the demand for plastic house ware in Malawi and the neighbouring countries combined with research into plastic injection, moulding technology led to the creation of Arkay Plastics Industry in Malawi. We were incorporated in 1997, and began production with only four injection moulding machines and a staff of 30.We began by processing a ton of material per day. Our first range of products a container set, shopping basket and two
large basins were an innovation and took the market by storm.

Aggressive marketing and continuous investment into machinery led to our growth in Malawi. Our policy of maintaining high quality standards and dynamism in operations has led to increased demand of our products in neighbouring countries.

By the new millennium, we had more than 25 machines and over 100 different products catering to a wide range of consumers. Investment was also made into a new factory and with this our foray into much larger machinery and plant to manufacture chairs and large drums. Demand for our brand has led to the establishment of factories in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Today we employ more than 1,000 people directly in 3 countries, and process more than 10,000 tons of material per annum.


Nationwide Outlets


    Physical Address

    Moir crescent road next to Malawi Burea of Standards, opposite Rice Milling

    Cell: (+268) 0 212 952 074

  • LIMBE 2

    Physical Address

    Near old bus depot, next to jussab shop

    Cell: (+265) 0 212 951 342


    Physical Address

    Bakili Highway, opposite Zimbo General Suppliers, Next to NICE

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 957 142


    Physical Address

    River side Avenue opposite Bwaila Hospital

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 951 344


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