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Arkay Mozambique

  • 2006 saw the incorporation of Arkay Plastics Mozambique Lda. We began with one outlet, and within 24 months we had opened 7 of our own distribution outlets throughout Mozambique. Today we have 13 outlets.
  • As projected demand grew, our dream of manufacturing in another country became a reality in 2008. We started with 5 machines and a range of 20 products. By 2009 we commissioned a brand new state-of the art 900 ton machine that would be capable of producing larger plastic items including chairs.
  • Focus on the long term meant that needed bigger premises, and hence we invested in our own property which we have since expanded.
  • Continuous investment in machinery over the years has meant that we now posses the machinery and plant to process more than 3,000 tons of plastic raw materials per annum.
  • Increased production is clearly reflected by significant sales growth from 2011 to 2012.
  • Export from Mozambique is now regular to Malawi and Zimbabwe. We are also looking at exporting to new markets this year.
  • House ware production is now complemented by industrial crates, and PET bottles and Jars.

Nationwide Outlets


    Physical Address

    Moir crescent road next to Tambala foods

    Cell: (+268) 0 212 952 074

  • LIMBE 2

    Physical Address

    Near old bus depot, next to jussab shop

    Cell: (+265) 0 212 951 342


    Physical Address

    Bakili Highway, opposite Zimbo General Suppliers, Next to NICE

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 957 142


    Physical Address

    Opposite Shoprite U-Save, next to LAMBAT shop

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 951 344


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