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Arkay Zimbabwe

  • We started a bottle blowing Production Plant in Harare in June 2011. By manufacturing the preforms and closures in Malawi, we take advantage of the economies of scale to export these semi-finished products to Harare.
  • Arkay Zimbabwe uses high speed technology to blow Bottles into various shapes and sizes as required in the Zimbabwean Market.
  • There is a growing market for Plastic Bottles as is evidenced by our exports of preforms and closure to Zimbabwe. In view of this demand we have installed additional capacity.
  • Our Monthly turnover has been growing steadily, and we hope to achieve a sales turnover of over US$3.5M in 2014.
  • Our policy of providing high quality PET packaging at competitive pricing, as well as being reliable has seen us increase our market share gradually.
  • Even companies that were importing their requirements from South Africa now buy from us.
  • Commitment to long term has seen us winning contracts form Lyons, Dairibord and other well established companies in Zimbabwe.


Against all odds of liquid economy and absence of enough raw materials we have managed to achieve below:

  • We have reported a growth of close to 14%.
  • We managed to expand our market share with additional 69% in compare to 2013.
  • Achievement of such market share was possible due to installation of new automated blow moulding machine during early 2014.
  • New Products – we are eagerly waiting to launch new wider neck 2 litre bottles in market by March. With this new product we are hopeful to capture oil segment market.
  • We are also in process of convincing our directors for making a new investment in auto machine machinery by mid-2015.

Nationwide Outlets


    Physical Address

    Moir crescent road next to Tambala foods

    Cell: (+268) 0 212 952 074

  • LIMBE 2

    Physical Address

    Near old bus depot, next to jussab shop

    Cell: (+265) 0 212 951 342


    Physical Address

    Bakili Highway, opposite Zimbo General Suppliers, Next to NICE

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 957 142


    Physical Address

    Opposite Shoprite U-Save, next to LAMBAT shop

    Cell: (+265) 0 211 951 344


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